Music Theory

Lesson 1 Test


Write your answers on a piece of scratch paper so you can check them against the answer key when you are finished.



1.             Which are the letters of the alphabet that are used to designate pitch names in music?



2.             What is the musical term used to refer to the distance between a sound wave vibrating twice as fast as another sound wave?



3.             What is the musical term that refers to the quality of tone that allows us to hear differences between various instruments?



4.             What is the most basic definition of music?



5.             What is the musical term used to refer to the relative loudness of a tone?



6.             What language are dynamic markings traditionally written in?



7.             What is the musical term to refer to the relative length of a tone?



8.             Piccolos and cellos are half the size of flutes and string basses, respectively.  This means that piccolos and cellos play an octave higher/lower than their larger counterpart.  Which is the correct answer?



9.             What is the definition of the musical term crescendo?  Of decrescendo?



10.         Translate these musical terms into English:

Mezzo Piano
Mezzo Forte




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